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source to mutually control a machine to carry

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Of get stripe a version.Su-30 SMs' aviation electronics equipments still includes stronger N011 the Msleopard-R to have no source to mutually control a machine to carry radar.Is different from Su-30 MK, Su-30 SMs uses to play to shoot a chair more advancedly and suit shape more higher, Russia with bigger weight air force's airplane pilot.Air force Su-30 SMs in Russia can use to be apart from in new RVV-SD and RVV-MD Be short to be apart from all empty guided missile, anticipate to also go together with to pack other more advanced all empty guided missiles.Su-35 Ss lies in it first with above-mentioned two kinds of Jianses the main differentiation of the shot machine is list air jordan 11 retro type battleplane.Though the airplane concept as early as 80's in last century has been already published, but until the beginning just starts a direct development in 21th century.Su-35 Ss from the river front of Mu Er totally green city airplane factory production, use a new machine body and perfect type aviation electronics equipments and aviation motor, go together with to pack AL-41 F to push the dint vector motor, new optoelectronics equipments and improvement type a fax control system, give up a duck wing.The western expert thinks that the above-mentioned innovation ensures that Su-35 Ss has excellent mobile function.Meanwhile, Russia prepares to extend a source to mutually control a machine to carry radar use scope, after the 5th generation battleplane T-50 developing formally ends, Su-35 Ss anticipates to go together with to set up for Have no source to mutually control a machine to carry the N135snow leopard radar that the radar gets stripe a model number forleopard-R.According to calculate, Su-35 Ss will be similar to Su-30 M2s, Su-30 SM and own an exported product, code Su-35 BMs.Some medium disclosed that the Sino-Russian now trades the related news of carrying on the negotiation, but the concrete circumstance hasn't got a confirmation currently.Russia Ministry of National Defense is native air force to order 48 Sus in 2009-35 airplanes, have already consigned currently 22, 12 among those consign air force battle troops in February, 2014 and deploy in the Jie Mu radicle air base.The contractair jordan 1 cheap stipulates of all 48 Su-35 Sses anticipate to consign to complete in 2015.The western expert thinks that Russia air force signs a 48 Su-35 Ss again airplane supply contract of the possibility is very big.Because the function is advanced, in the T-50 before concealed body battleplane a great deal of row packs, Su-35 Ss will be the main model of Russia air force.The news that discloses according to some medium, it can take RVV-BD long-distance all empty guided missile, can act for a current old rice space-31 Jian shots cut shot machine.The western expert thinks that Russia air force whether has the necessity Su who buys three kinds of model numbers at the same time-27 household battleplanes Be worth doubting, and this problem is very realistic.Probably produces 1 kind The airplane of model number is more suitable, but two greatest aviation material production the competition of of the business enterprise make circumstance become more complicated.At Su-30 household airplanes enjoy high prestige a great deal of international market of, two competitions that produce manufacturer don't calculate what serious problem.In three kinds of airplanes of model numbers, Su-30 M2s' function is the weakest, get stripe a potential not big.There wered still medium disclosing to call before now, Russia was to just have a miscarriage with Su-30 M2's bargainses of China after just bought this kind of for the native air force aero.Su-35 Ss' air jordan 5 for sale mounting sudden attack a characteristics is a stronger use aviation motor and more perfect aviation electronics equipments and weapon, and the new machine carries radar.Su-30 SMs' production moderates better, cost low, the existence of two machine set personnels can carry out more complicated battle task and train an airplane pilot more availably.The exit prospect of these airplanes is very misty currently.Have already owned a great deal of Su-the nation of 30 household airplanes, especially India and China is actively making use of a permit technique to produce a new airplane currently.Malaysia would rather lease than Su-30 MKM's battleplane that buys an additional amount.According to know, Indonesia may purchase Su-30 household battleplanes act for old F-5, but

air force urgently needs new Jian shot now machine

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BE even if signed supply contract, Jian shot machine import amount will also opposite less.The western expert thinks that Russia decides to buy three kinds of airplanes of model numbers at the same time, may from have to maintain what the production of the river front of Mu Er totally green city airplane factory and airplane factory in Irkutsk decides.And, Russia air force uses all three kinds of airplanes of model numbers, can also make they outward the national expenditures door have an attraction more.Russia air force urgently needs new Jian shot now machine.The T-50 just can equip troops after till few years.The western expert thinks that the T-50 has already air jordan 4 for sale got the aggressive evaluation of essential medium, but relevant 5 T-50s experiment kind machine test progress of news currently combine not much.Is different from F-35 in the United States, T-50 of experiment didn't publicly carry on.The document information that discloses according to the medium, the items T-50s may carry on to a little bit greatly change, the item term is continuously also postponing.At first plan in 2014 to the He diagram guest Si gram the nation tried to fly center to consign an ultimate end version to experiment kind machine, but saw now, this date can't early in the second half of 2016, disobeyed to form initial fighting strength and start throwing in the plan of batch quantity production at the end of 2016.Even if is under the best circumstance, in 2016-2020 years , Also can equip 60 T-50s, and this possibility isn't big.Therefore Russia air force needs renew current machines urgently to.Russia air force fights in sequence and has the Jian shot of equal part the machine just at quickly aging.Disintegration in Soviets and later on economic crisis, make for use by the military airplane produce significant decrease, the productivity of Jian shot machine cans not increase until the last few years.Though Su-30 M2s, Su-30 SMs and Sus-35 airplanes own than his elder generation more advanced function, but only depend on respectively several of purchase amount, can not thoroughly improve this kind of condition at all.The still just air jordan 12 for sale a little amount use of Russia air force compare Su-27 the household Jian shot machine lightly some rice spaces-29, include Algeria to refuse to receive of the second-hand rice space-29 SMT Jian shot of an aviation regiment machine.Rice space-31 heavy type Jian shots cut shot machine to still undergo military service up to now, only minority of airplanes get stripe for the rice space-31 BMs, and far not- all type of airplanes all assembled advanced weapon.The western expert thinks that in the rice space-29 get stripe item bankruptcy and rice space-31 after allow the circumstance of model number indetermination under, the airplane that can depend on Su Huo Yi companies to develop production protects Russian territorial air space over a long period of time.Russia air force signs new Su-30 M2s, Su-30 SMs and Su currently-35 The battleplane supplies the prospect of contract not clear and distinct.But the western expert unanimously thinks, Russia air force Jian shot aviation soldier of the future will to a large extent be decided by the item development of the 5th generation concealed body battleplane T-50 progress.It discovers original material in China in bomber B-1 in the United States and fighter jets F-16s, at American military authority to allChina makes nervous Xi Xi of under the big background, the detection of American Ministry of National Defense has already enough urged.Reuter's announces to exclusively report to call on the 10th, American law forbids the weapon use of manufacturer's coming from China and the original material of other some nations, worry outward the dependence of the country supplier may let the United States be placed in minority nike lebron 10 cheap position in the future military conflict.According to report, the audit headquarters of U.S. Congress will report this matter to the congress in April.Chinese military expert Luo aids to tell round-the-world Times the reporter on the 11th, today in economic globalization, the United States wants at defend to work a product chain to completely pick and get rid of China manufacturing in is impossible.The United States is suspicious to Chinese chemical element of the mindset, exactly display itslittle belly chicken bowel.Several medium redistributed Reuter's on the 11th of this reports.The article said aring on board after American solider's combats F-35ses

in the future produce of the guided missile

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After detection containment has the spare parts of Chinese manufacturing, the investigation report of Pentagon said and also discovered the original material that comes from China in other military equipments of the United States, include bomber B-1 and Luo gram that the Boeing company produces rare virtuous ·the fighter jets F-16s of Martin's company.Anotherone American Ministry of National Defense senior officer said, the titanium mining from China might be also used for to constuct all new of standard-3 guided missiles.The guided missile is currently developed together by American Lei Shen company and Japanese aspect, this detection is what they report by oneself.But the production purpose of these guided missiles is to used for a test currently, in the future produce of the guided missile won't use the original material fromnike lebron 11 cheap China again.Report to call, these affairses cause the misgiving of the control of the United States to the contract company is slacken too much.The Reuter's said that the United States once modified law in 2009 and extended to used the restriction scope of foreign original material and zero partses in the weapon, used the high performance magnetic iron that foreign special kind metal produces be also included in the restriction order.But after, the Pentagon is responsible for a purchasing vice minister Fu orchid gram ·axed virtuous Er to totally send out 5 immunitieses.Report to quote American Ministry of National Defense spokesman Schumann as saying to say, the Pentagon investigated in 2012 with 2013 The affairs in year, get conclusion said, violate the rules the material combine to bring risk, therefore give immunities.American business enterprise that is subjected to this influence includes promise Si Luo Pu ·the space Lu Man company, the company develops for the fighter jets F-35s of the radar screen used a lot of this kind of magnetic irons.In addition, the Reuter's once reported to call in January, this year, the Pentagon allows a Luo gram rare virtuous ·Martin company use the magnetic iron from China material with pushed forward the items F-35s of costing USD 392,000,000,000 smoothly, though the U.S. officia once put forward a misgiving to the spy's behavior and military power construction of China.Let the United States has to exempt from the reason that Chinese raw material gets into key weapon is various.Reuter's said nike kobe 8 cheap that China is the biggest supply country of special kind metal in the world, China is also the biggest supply source of the original material of magnetic iron that the manufacturing is used for the heat environment descending.However U.S. Congress personage also means, the United States' developing effort of acting for the material has already made some progresses.In addition, senior officer in the Pentagon says, after 2012 year-end fighter jets F-35s used the problem of original material in China to expose, the Ministry of National Defense started to large-scalely examine an activity, but end give immunities, because these spare parts can't Bring risk.Under the some condition, tear open a complicated equipments, is Chinese the use sparse locally made become of magnetic iron material's replacing down is a work with expensive cost.But under moreover some circumstances, these zero partses will maintain in the future normal regulations in be replaced.The officials say thatyou aren't likely to open a radar of U.S. dollar with millions value, for replace a magnetic iron that is worth of USD 20.On the technique, they have no risk.The Reuter's said that the immunities scope that the Pentagon aims at fighter jets F-35s covers to use the magnetic iron of USD 2 at being worth of of 115 battleplane radarses.The fighter jets F-16s and B B-1 bombardier exempts from scope to include to use the magnetic iron that original material in China makes into.However, some people obviously would not air jordan 7 retro like to accept this reality.The audit headquarters of U.S. Congress inferiority will report that it uses the audit result of Chinese special kind metal problem to American weapon system to the congress in April.In March, 2012, the office once hands in a went fishing to enforce the law report and calls to pass the electronics that the network purchased numerous weapons from China zero partses, is among them mostly a counterfeit article, and got the conclusion of Chinese inferior weapon zero parts threat American solider soldier safety.The Reuter's quotes on the 10th

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